Black Bear Rugs

A real bear skin rug is a prized possession for many who love the outdoors. The black bear is the most abundant, and it is also the smallest of the three species. The adult averages about 29 inches in stance and approximately five feet from nose to tail. Their straight facial profile and sharply curved claws set them apart from the grizzly or other species.

The best time of the year to hunt for real bear skin is between early May and into June. The hibernation period is ending and they are out looking for food. The spring pelts are in the best condition before the animal starts to rub. Hunting season varies from one state or locale to another. A spring hunt provides the type of skin that is best suited for making rugs, but many states and provinces only allow hunting in the fall.

The Hunt for Real Bear Skin Rugs

The choice to hunt black bear without a guide such as 100 Lakes Outfitter or other guide services can be a real challenge, but many prefer the chase. This type of hunt makes taking the trophy home all the more exciting. For many who like the appearance of a real black skin rug but are unable to get their own, the only option is to buy from a reliable supplier.

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